5. Regions, AZones, Geography


  • 200 datacenter by this time. each datacenter has thousands of servers
  • 4 million physical servers
  • Availibility zones are unique physical locations witin a single region
  • Minimum of 3 availibility zones in the region. Each Availibility zone is made up of one ore mroe datacenters equipped with independent power, cooling and networking
  • Some services like zone redundant storage in azure storage accounts will automatically replicate your data automatically across all the zones in the region.
  • Every region is located within a geography which in azure is a group of regions that define a boundary for data residency and disaster recovery
  • Geography is a single country or can be made up of multiple countries
  • When you choose geo redundant storage , azure automatically makes copies of your data across the regions in region pair

Factors to choose a region

  • proximity to users
  • service availibility
  • Not all services will be available to a particular region
  • There are some services that are non regional.. Azure bot services… 
  • When you access a resource is azure, the traffic goes from your computer through your internet service provider to a point of presence or PoP thats managed by microsoft where it entrs into the microsoft flobal network
  • MS has 185 pops around the world, so you get routed to the one closest to your location.

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